Book of Puzlo

Book Of Puzlo

Book of Puzlo

A magical fairy tale comes to life...

in a uniquely written story combined with an interactive and animated jigsaw puzzle. Book of Puzlo allows you to be active while listening to an exciting tale that is both entertaining and inspires creativity.

Once upon a time there was a valley called Puzlo. This valley was like no other place you've ever heard of. Here, fairy tale characters have gathered for many years to get away from it all, escape from the tabloids and all the gossip in Tinseltown where the fairy tale celebrities live. Here in Puzlo they could be a lot more like themselves, and a lot less like a character..

Book of Puzlo

Unfold the saga...

and see it come to life as you progress through four unique chapters. Guided by the magician Melvin you embark on a journey where reality meets imagination.

Frog & puzzle
hmm...What do you usually do with frogs in fairy tales?
Chapters from Puzlo

Book of Puzlo has four uniqe story chapters with beautiful illustrations of fairy tale characters like you have never seen them before. What are the witches up to? Why does the queen never leave her tower? Who is cooking all that food at the tavern? Is the moon spinning or is the world? What is the key to enter the Puzlo Valley and become a Puzlonian?

The Puzzle also includes several mini-challenges. See if you can return the cannonballs to Captain Crowbeard, play music on the valley mushrooms, pick up leafs and kiss the frog to make him turn into a prince.


Book of Puzlo

Meet the Puzlonians

While piecing the puzzle together, visitors to Puzlo will get to know all the characters in the Valley, and hopefully learn something from each and every one of them.



  • Over 20 different characters with charming portraits and animations.
  • Narrated dialogue in English and Swedish.
The Wandering Princess

The Wandering Princess is adventurous, and far too curious to sit around in a dusty tower all day long, waiting for a prince to accidentally stumble across her. She prefers to make things happen by herself.

The Troll

The troll is considered to be a bit of a coward. But he begs to differ. "There's a big difference between being a coward and thinking things through before you go and do something stupid. And it actually takes a lot of courage to be a coward sometimes. "

Interact with the inhabitants of Puzlo to find hidden quests and stories. Watch the characters come to life through stunning 2D and 3D animations.

Engage in interesting dialogues with the Big hearted Wolf, the Blue Ridinghood, the Puss in Sneakers and all their friends to extend the story.

Puss in Sneakers

The Puss loves his sneakers and does not for a minute regret his unorthodox choice of comfy footwear. "It's impossible to stay positive, fast and witty with blisters!" he says.

The Big hearted Wolf

Wolves are supposed to be big and mean. But not the Big Hearted Wolf. He's big, kind, cuddly and further more an excellent listener, with his big heart and big ears.

Book of Puzlo

Immerse Yourself...

in an interactive fairy tale with stunning visual effects, engaging story telling and uniquely composed beautiful musical themes and effects for each chapter.


  • Original Soundtrack and lots of humor
  • Choose between 48 or 96 pieces
  • Includes several mini-challenges, maneuver cannonballs and help the witches build a fire.
  • 2D and 3D animations and interactions
  • iPad adapted gameplay, use of gyroscope and a new multi-touch gesture for kissing
  • Complete the puzzle while meeting interesting characters with a twist
  • Four storychapters and a wizard guiding you on your way through the valley
  • Meet The Oracle of the Valley and see if you can answer his tricky riddles.
  • Narrated in English and Swedish
Puzzle piece 1 Puzzle piece 2
Puzlo Musicians
  • Uniquely composed musical themes
  • Narrated in English and Swedish
  • Designed for Retina iPad with beautiful high resolution graphics.

Book of Puzlo

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